Cruises | The majestic beauty of Palaiokastritsa

The majestic beauty of Palaiokastritsa

One of the most beautiful places in the northern part of Corfu! There are plenty of amazing beaches with clear blue waters to enjoy like in heaven and huge rocks to climb and dive for endless tones of fun!
• Pass by traditional fishing villages with their colorful sea-facing houses
• Swim and snorkel in Palaiokastrista , exploring its white rocks and numerous caves
• Beautiful water, special landscapes, caves, private spots, cliffs, and so many other activities to enjoy during your day 

Palaiokastritsa is a village located in Corfu, Greece. It is known for its crystal clear waters, astounding natural beauty, and historical significance. Palaiokastritsa consists of six small coves that are surrounded by lush green hillsides. Each one has its own unique charm and appeal.

The village offers visitors an array of attractions to explore including the Angelokastro fortress which dates back to the Byzantine era. The monastery of Palaiokastritsa is also a must-visit site for tourists as it boasts impressive architecture and houses a museum with religious artifacts from the 18th century. Additionally, there are numerous hiking trails that lead visitors through the picturesque countryside where they can witness stunning views of the Ionian sea.

Palaiokastritsa has something for everyone; whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, this village will not disappoint.

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