Private Boat Trip Corfu to Paxos - Antipaxos & Blue Caves

is  daily cruise is the most famous cruise of Corfu Visitors. Paxos and antipaxos is two enchanting destinations a breath away from Corfu . Discover all of their secret spots with elegance and stile on a private daily cruise with the speedboat of your preference. 

Sail across the crystal clear waters of Paxos and Antipaxos

• Enjoy the Paxos and Antipaxos island 
• Memorable experiences with elegance
• Enjoy a private cruise at the best spots!
Paxos, Antipaxos, and Despotiko are two of the most enchanting destinations of Corfu. Discover their secrets with an amazing full-day cruise that will be unforgettable! The two islands naturally form a passage between them, the water of which has an impressive color that stands out even from an airplane view! It is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations for boats from all over the Ionian!
During your trip, you can enjoy an impressive underwater caves exploration and rocks for diving against the backdrop of the enchanting landscape in Antipaxos! There are plenty of exciting activities available for all! The boat can enter the caves.
Tasty time! An incredible lunch at a seaside Greek restaurant, lunch on the boat, or a secluded beach is some of the dining options available for this one-day cruise. Of course, you can customize this boat trip according to your preferences!
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If you’re planning a trip to Corfu and looking for a unique experience, consider taking a private boat trip to Paxos, Antipaxos, and the Blue Caves. This adventure will allow you to explore some of the most stunning natural beauty that Greece has to offer.

The journey starts from the beautiful island of Corfu, where your private boat will be waiting for you. As you set sail towards Paxos, you’ll be able to take in the beautiful scenery along the way. Once you arrive at Paxos, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy including swimming in crystal clear waters, sunbathing on golden beaches or exploring charming villages.The next stop on this excursion is Antipaxos – a small island known for its sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Here you can swim in the sea or relax on one of its many secluded beaches while enjoying breathtaking views.

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